If you are attempting to purchase a subscription and your credit card is being declined, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Unsupported payment method. Currently, we accept most major credit cards (with the exception of Discover) as well as VISA debit cards from some issuers. Unfortunately, our systems are not set up to accept regular debit cards, cheques, or PayPal transactions at this time.
  2. Insufficient funds. Please ensure that your credit card has not exceeded its limit.
  3. Incorrect or incomplete information. Please ensure that all of the details entered are exactly as they appear on your card and with the bank connected to it.
  4. Location. This is the most common issue for those located outside of Canada, as our company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. If you are located outside of Canada, your bank may be blocking the transaction to protect you from unsuspected international charges. This does not mean your bank thinks our company is suspicious, it just means that they were not expecting you to make purchases from other countries at this time. You will need to contact your bank and okay the charge.

If after checking all of the above your card is still getting declined, you will need to call your bank for more details.

If you have contacted your bank and are still having trouble, contact Care Support.