All of our paid subscription plans operate in the same way. The only difference between them is the length of time you are subscribed between payments and the price.

All paid plans offer unlimited communication through messaging and TELESAFE™. They also offer the ability to share your private contact information in messages sent on-site and add a “Featured” tag to your profile. “Featured” profiles will appear towards the top of the search results for better visibility.

Monthly: If you purchase a monthly subscription, you will be billed every month until cancellation. 

Quarterly: If you purchase a quarterly subscription, you will be billed every three months until cancellation. 

Annually: If you purchased an annual subscription, you will be billed every year until cancellation.

The more time you commit to, the higher your savings as discounts are applied for longer-term commitments.

As a reminder, all subscriptions are considered non-refundable and will automatically renew until cancelled. Be sure you understand what you are purchasing before you complete the subscription process.