At Careguide your privacy is of utmost importance to us. As such, all of our sites, including, are designed for communication to happen directly through the website site. However, if you do prefer to take the conversation off-site to your personal phone or email, you can do so with the following steps:

First of all, you must purchase a subscription and upgrade your account. The sharing of private contact information is only available to subscribed users. Only after a subscription has been purchased, you will be able to utilize this feature.

  1. Send a user a message with your phone number and/or email. From your inbox, open the conversation with the user you would like to share your contact information with and type out your contact details.
  2. Click "Send." When you send this message, our system will automatically blur out your email address and/or phone number; this is for your security. See blurred information circled in the second image below.

  3. Notice the popup that appears below your message. Within your conversation window, you will now notice a pop-up from our system. Read the information in this message carefully.

  4. Click theShare my private contact informationbutton. If you agree to share your information and understand the risks, clicking this button will automatically display the provided contact information. Note: If you do not click the “Share my private contact information" button, and navigate away from the page, your information will not be shared.

  5. Hide your contact information again. If you have shared your contact information and now you would like to hide it again, return to the conversation and click “Hide my private contact information”. Your information will then be hidden from the user.

Safety Alert! Please keep in mind that sharing your private contact information is not recommended. As all in-site conversations are monitored for your safety and security, moving the conversation off-site removes that extra layer of protection provided to you and makes you more susceptible to scams.