There are two ways to message users on

From a user’s profile page:

  1. Ensure you are logged into your account and navigate to the job search page.

  2. From there, click into the profile of the individual that you would like to contact.

  3. From the user's profile, select "Message," to write to the user.

    Note: Here you can also call the user via TELESAFE™ by selecting  "Call." If you choose to call the user, please see our article How do I place a call using TELESAFE™ for more information. Do keep in mind TELESAFE™ is a paid feature.

  4. Type your message in the space provided, and click “Send A Message”.

    Tip: Although we do have pre-set messages, you can always change or add to the message, as a way to stand out. Be unique, introduce yourself, and let employers know why you think you are a good for them!

  5. Once you have sent your message, your conversations with that user will be available through your Inbox.

    Note: As we record all TELESAFE™ calls, those recordings will be added to your Inbox as well.

From your inbox:

If you have already begun a conversation with a potential match, you can continue the conversation in your Inbox. To do this:

  1. Ensure you are logged into your account, and navigate to your Inbox.

  2. Find the user you would like to connect with and click to open your conversation.

  3. When responding to a user you have not previously messaged, you may be asked to indicate whether you would like to reply to the message, or archive it and continue looking. To respond to the message, click "Yes, Reply."

    : If you click "No, Archive," the message will be removed from your main inbox. Also see, What are archived messages?

  4. Next, type your message in the space provided and click "Send."

    After you click "Send," your message will appear in the conversation window.